The Order of the Arrow was founded by Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Carrol A. Edson at the Treasure Island Scout Reservation in Pennsylvania in 1915. The Order of the Arrow was first known as WWW, which stood for Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. The National Council of the Boy Scouts of the America recognized the OA in 1934. Tipisa Lodge first started in Michigan in 1930, and then moved to Indiana in 1932, then finally to Camp Wewa in Orlando, Florida in 1938. A total of twenty-eight youth were chosen that first year for this special honor.

Our Story

Our chapter was first called the Kaliga Chapter, being part of the Central Florida Council. Charles Carlisle was our first chapter chief. We were given the name Wewahitchka in December 1960. The name means “View of Water.”


In 1976-1977 “year,” our chapter won Best All Round from the lodge. Deam Saunders was the chief at that time. We won the Quest for the Golden Arrow in 1977, 1986, and 1988. We were awarded the Most Improved Chapter award from the lodge in 2000. Ryan Hanegan was the chief at that time.

In 2007 the chapter received the Most Improved Chapter yet again, thanks to the hard work of then-chapter chief Chris Rafferty. The chapter has also received an award for most pounds of trash collected by one group at an Ibini Tera cleanup.

Kings Cup

Our King’s Cup (which displays items and awards from the chapter) has received many honors. In 2002 and 2003, we won first place for the year.

Past Chapter Chiefs

Alex Hepperman2023-2024
Lance Cyrier2022-2023
Caiden Michael2022-2022
Matthew Hill2021-2022
Clinton Kuropkat2020-2021
John Hill2019-2020
Samuel Bennett2017-2018
Jackson Monsteller2016-2017
Ethan Macomber/Michael Welch2015-2016
Ethan Macomber2014-2015
Jonothan Campbell2013-2014
Trent Shipton2012-2013
Thomas Paiano2011-2012
Matt Brunold2010-2011
John Keith2009-2010
Matt Brunold2008-2009
Chris Rafferty2006-2008
Matt Moon2005-2006
Kris Drury2003-2005
Matt Simonds2001-2003
Ryan Hanegan2000-2001
Michael Baker Jr.1999-2000
Dan Blum1998-1999
Stephen Winters1997-1998
Jason Tureyn1997-1997
Rex Leclaire1996-1997
David White1993-1996
Jason Fields1992-1993
Randall Smith1990-1992
Erik Irrgang1988-1990
Calvin Boardman1987-1988
Walt King1985-1987
Robert Segrest1984-1985
Wally Perris1983-1984
Shayne Toler1982-1983
Robert Boggus1981-1982
Paul Anderson1980-1981
Mike Lindsey1979-1980
Dan Cameron1978-1979
Dean Saunders1977-1978
Ernie Mosteller1976-1977
Al LaRoe1975-1976
Ned Mitenious1974-1975
Elzy Trumbo1973-1974
Lester Chew1971-1973
Mike Sargeant1970-1971
Ollie Peters1969-1970
Robert Gribbs1967-1969
Bruce Tyson1966-1968
Steve Cumbaa1965-1966
Rob Smith1964-1965
Joe Warren1962-1964
Charlie Carlisle1960-1962